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Dangerous Sub-Zero Wind Chills to Blanket Much of the U.S.
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Wind chills of as low as minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Montana and the western Dakotas. Whiteout conditions near the Great Lakes, with as much as 2 feet of snow falling in parts of New York state. Possible snow squalls in the Northeast and the upper Mid-Atlantic.

These are just some of the forecasts from the National Weather Service as dangerous winter storm conditions pounding the United States from coast to coast are expected to persist through the holiday weekend. Snow, sleet, rain and dangerous wind chills are expected to batter the West Coast, the Plains, parts of the Northeast and extend into sections of the South.

An “Arctic blast” will bring dangerously low wind chill temperatures in large parts of country, particularly through the Rocky Mountain region, the Dakotas, Montana and south through the Mississippi Valley.

“These wind chills will pose a risk of frostbite on exposed skin and hypothermia,” the Weather Service said. “Have a cold survival kit if you must travel.”

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