male finasteride and pregnancy

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7 This is the basis of the protective cytokine hypothesis, in which we proposed that TGF ОІ normally protects the vessel wall from proatherogenic changes and that reduced TGF ОІ activity promotes atherogenesis propecia prescription 044 Dose metabolized Dose excreted in urine 91 Plasma protein binding 99 2 Peak plasma concentration Derived from PO pharmacokinetic studies in 77 normal fasted volunteers 3 Trough plasma concentration Derived from IM pharmacokinetic studies in 54 normal volunteers 4 Average plasma concentration Derived from IV pharmacokinetic studies in 24 normal volunteers 5 Volume of distribution Mean value was simulated from observed plasma concentration data and standard deviation was simulated from percent coefficient of variation for observed C max and T max data Not applicable because 60 mg is only recommended as a single dose

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