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Barcelona insist an present was sent to Lionel Messi instead of him to return to Camp Nou – consideration the Argentine claiming that the staff could not affirm their proposal.
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Messi was in view of contract this summer after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired and has been in talks over and beyond a reoccur to Barcelona.

No matter how, despite La Liga approving Barcelona’s economic plan to capital a shake up in place of their former merry thought speak in, Messi opted to concoct the remind to Outstanding Band Soccer side Inter Miami, effectively job occasion on his playing career in Europe.

In a roast assessment with Spanish newspapers Спорт and Mundo Deportivo on Wednesday, Messi claimed that he wanted to be an early determination upwards his next get going and said he was uncomfortable with the idea of Barcelona needing to sell players in order to lolly his return.

Messi also indicated that Barcelona’s offer was not concrete.

‘Multifarious things were missing,’ he said.

‘The association, today, was not in a position to uphold 100 per cent that I could return. And it is understandable, due to the state of affairs that the association is successful owing to, and that is how I truism it.’

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